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Our gate repair team has years of field experience installing, repairing and troubleshooting everything to do with electric gates. For their answers to many of today’s most common gate problems, check out our informative FAQ section below.

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Does my gate need a lock?

Locks are recommended for gates which are not automated. This is because automated ones require an access code for opening and closing. If there is a lock used too, this could cause serious malfunction. Locks are best suited for garden gates and required for pool gates. You can choose from traditional mechanical locks, which are operated with a key, and electronic models. 

How do I know if the gate opener manufacturer is reliable?

Learn more about the experience of the company and its reputation before buying the opener. Check the warranty carefully too. Some manufacturers offer coverage for as many as eight and even ten years in case of residential use, but you should also check the terms and conditions too. Another thing to check is the availability of spare parts. .