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Our company has both the experience and reputation to keep your home’s gate system operating in absolute perfect condition.

For some friendly advice and suggestions about caring for your gate, check out our informative tips section below.

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Always put the plastic cover back on after using a grease joint on your gate

Not all hardware grease joints have a cover, but it must be used where it exists. The job of the cover is to prevent dust, dirt and insects from getting inside the joint and blocking it. The next time you need to grease the hinge or gear, you just need to open it and you’ll do the job quickly. 

If you’re considering a video intercom for your gate, look for advanced features 

Start by checking the range of the camera. The greater it is, the better. You will benefit from an intercom with a camera that operates in the nighttime. You would certainly want to see the face of a person who rings the doorbell when it’s dark outside. Photo image storage is another advanced security feature. It enables you to check the faces of people against those in your photo image base.